WOD: 10-19-12

Now that’s good form!

Strength:  30-20-10 set of Front Squats

For the set of 30, do 10 lbs. less than last week
For the set of 20, do 10 lbs. less than last week
for the set of 10, do 10 lbs. more than last week

WOD: For time:

15 Weighted Burpees (25/15)

5 Muscle Ups

9-6-3 reps of:

Front Squat (185/125)
Handstand Push Ups

3 Muscle Ups


Ladies and gentlemen…

FRIDAY!!!!!  Since you know that I know that you don’t want to do any work today, the next 30 minutes of non-work are on me…

They are all true!

CALLED IT!  Now you cannot say that I don’t care about you!

Odd marketing, but sure why the hell not…

Watch only in case of trivia


Dog + Backflip = hilarious

It’s not just me

Another mini one

Aaaaaaaand I am spent…enjoy the WOD,




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